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The Bookish Diaries is something I started to make me really go through the bookshelves of books that I own and I do own a lot from entering contests that other book bloggers have hosted to going out and buying the books myself.  I also really do not have friends/family that share the love of reading the way I do so finding out there are people out there that do has made this adventure through my bookshelf really a good thing.

Besides reviewing books here on The Bookish Diaries, I also work and go to school full time.  So my time is mostly spent reading books on Paralegal and Office Procedures.  When I have the time to sit down and read a good book, I am going to read what I like, something that has nothing to do with what that teacher is talking about in class, it will keep my attention but also easy to put down when I have to read 4 chapters over the weekend in my school text books.

What Genre's I Read

Young Adult - Paranormal, Fantasy, Romantic, Science Fiction

Romance - Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Short Stories - Romance