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Movie Review: A Warrior's Heart

A Warrior's Heart came up on my watch list on my Netflix account and I will admit that I was iffy on watching it mostly because it is a sports movie, something that I sometimes enjoy (Remember the Titans) but I do not always come to like them all.

Now I will go ahead and say early on this movie starts two Twilight Stars, not just one.  We have Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, two of my favorite actors in the Twilight Series.  Ashley Greene stars as Brooklyn the daughter of the Lacrosse coach at Conor Sullivan's new school he has transferred too.  Conor has a problem sharing the spotlight in a "team" sport and likes to be the one leading the plays.  But when his father is killed in action Conor takes to destruction to school property, getting himself arrested.

Taken to tear down a old building by one of his fathers old military buddies for his transgressions and to help him clean up his act, he ends up on the native reservation in their version of Juvenile Detention.  This is where Conor learns the true meaning of Lacrosse and the fact that it is the sport of a true warrior where the Native Americans are concerned.

This movie was great and it has some great moments by Lutz and Greene.  But lets not forget about the other actors who you see in this movie.  Chord Overstreet who you may know as "Trouty Mouth" on Glee is one of the Lacrosse players on Conor's team.  Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice plays Conor's mom.

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