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Movie Review: The Decoy Bride

David TennantThe Decoy Bride is another movie which came up on my Netflix watching list (it may have something to do with my Doctor Who watching Marathon back this summer).

This movie stars David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald as Katie and James.  After James's wedding to Lara (Alice Eve) is postponed because a photographer that is obsessed with getting pictures of the weddings get inside the church before the wedding.  So when at the remote location of the new wedding is found by said photographer, Lara disappears leaving them without a bride and a photographer camped outside of the chapel to fool that the wedding actually happened so that hopefully a real wedding can happen without mishap.  To do this they need a decoy bride and this is where Katie comes.

The Decoy Bride was great, I love David Tennant so when I saw he was starring in this movie I knew I was going to end up seeing it and it did not leave me disappointed.  Though this movie did not make that big of an impression when first released, I have fallen in love with the movie in the short time it took to watch it.


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