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Movie Saturday: Honey 2

Title: Honey 2
Stars: Katerina Graham, Randy Wayne

Honey 2 is the sequel to the movie Honey starring Jessica Alba and Mekhi Phifer which was also a great movie.  I do remember watching Honey  not to long ago and I loved it but I have a weakness for dancing movies since I can not dance.  Though it does make me jealous how great the actors can dance when I feel like a fish out of water, but I still find myself going to see all the movies in the Step Up Franchise.

Other than the envy of the dancers dancing skills I saw this movie for the star Katerina Graham (The Vampire Diaries: Bonnie Bennett). Katerina Graham plays Maria a foster care child taken in by Honey's mom and working at the Honey Dance Studio cleaning up after getting out of Juvie.  The only rule that Honey's mom gives Maria stay away from her old "Crew" the 718 which her ex-boyfriend is a part of and the reason she was in Juvie to begin with.  While doing her time cleaning the studio she meets fellow dancer Brandon played by Randy Wayne.

Staying away from the Ex and old crew members is harder than thought because of her love of dance and she believes the only way to do that is to dance with them since they are the best, but can Brandon show her that they are better the "HD Crew".

I loved the tension between the two crews and the stealing of each others members to throw both crews off balance.  Katerina Graham and Randy Wayne did an amazing job in this making me wish that I had better dancing skills.