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Where I really am When I disappear for 2 MONTHS

Lets discuss what happens to me when I magically go away for two months, I am reading just not really having time to get to the reviewing of my reading because the only time that I have free is the hours before I go to sleep....This has been my day for the last 2 months.
9 AM - Wake up yep, I sleep until 9 on most days and you will see later on why that is..
At this time I am eating myself some breakfast normally its something that is microwavable or something dropped in the toaster

9:15 - 10:00 - Look to see which assignments are due for both online classes as well as in class assignments for the day as well as the next week (must keep track of calendar to see what is changing)
At this time look to see what is ready to be turned in and what still needs some more work, if due today better get to fixing what needs fixing and completing.

This may not be exact to our section of the
legal library.

10:00 -10:30 Time to get ready to get to class, QUICKLY

10:30 - Leave for school

11:00 - 1:30 - CLASS, Remember to bring a snack bar to lunch, I really do not have time to go and get something to eat between classes

1:30 - At this time it is time to get to the assignments that are due later in the week, There is a reason that we looked earlier in the day to see what was due later on in the next 7 days, because I have some time that I can go to the Library and get some studying done as well as other fun stuff.

Anywhere from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Yep I have to go to work and because I work retail that is never a set schedule it can vary from day to day and what department I am working in that day.

10:00 or 11:00 depending on the day of the week so pay ATTENTION - Get off work and head home, now sometimes this is later depending on how shopped the store was and how long it takes us to get the store ready for the next mornings shoppers so they come into a CLEAN and ORGANIZED Store.

11:00 PM - My online class homework is due at this time so if I am closing at work I need to make sure that all homework is turned in before heading to work.

Upon arriving home making sure all homework is turned in, it is now time for some dinner, this normally means that I am heating up whatever my family ate for dinner while I was at work or it means eating it cold (I sometimes go for the cold option only because I am tired and HUNGRY at this time.
After eating my dinner I put up all the leftovers & load the dishwasher for my family since it is late and they are most likely ready for bed and I was the last to eat.

By this time is it somewhere around MIDNIGHT, so I dig whatever book I am currently reading out of my purse (where I have kept it for some downtime reading throughout the day) and read a few chapters to help myself fall asleep, of course that is not really necessary since I am pretty tired as it is and have to start the day over in a few hours.

So here is how I read my books:

E-books, most will open on my phone.  I have a Kindle app where I read Kindle books, Nook app (which I don't really use since I have a NOOK), the Aldiko app for opening epub files and the Office app (came with my phone) which opens PDF files.  Of course there is the nook itself which is used to read all Barns and Noble content as well as some epub and PDF files when needed.
Then there is the book in my purse and I have the perfect sized purse to fit all books in (it does not have to be a small Romance to fit in my purse no I have a Vera Bradley purse and I love that it fits books (must save for some more of her purses though since I love this one so much.

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