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Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-thon: Hour 14

Hour 14

So while I was gone at the Baby Shower we passed the half way mark for me, during that time I did some listening but when things like this are going on they are more important so here are some cute images as well as some fun from me of the baby shower.  Not much listening was done but you know I may get through with Divergent by the end of the night which is good to me, I would have finished 1 of 4 books that I wanted to finish and the longest form of the 4.

Total Hours Read: 0
Total Hours Listened: 5
Total Pages Read: 0
Total Books Read 0
This is why there have not really been too much on the update front.  Looks Great Right?

The Baby's name is going to be Colton and one of my other cousin's wife makes these.

Another Cute little cookie.

An this because this is also a Craw-fish boil, you cant have that without Liqueur.

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