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Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-thon: Hour 7

Hour 7

Done with work for the day.  Since getting off work I ran a few errands that I did not know I was going to need to do.  Like get gas so that I can make it home.  I also went on ahead and got myself something to eat for lunch that was more than a sandwich.  So I had some chicken strips from Express Chicken (have loved that place since it was built.)

I am going to make a quick admittance right now, I am really getting into this audio book, and I may want to go back and actually read the book to see if I missed anything but listening to an audio book may be longer than to read but it is sooooo much easier when you have so much to do.

Total Hours Read: 0
Total Hours Listened: 3
Total Pages Read: 0
Total Books Read 0

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