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Live-In Position by V.S. Tice

Let me just start with that this book is a very long read, almost 600 pages estimated by  But I did enjoy the book.
Twenty-five year old Sophia Ashwood, part-time nanny, has just graduated college and is ready to write the next best seller; however, she needs a full time job flexible enough for her to fulfill her dream.

When Sophia steps into the Bishop home to care for emotionally neglected Victoria, she’s positive Dr. Collin Bishop, aka The Anti-Christ, despises her. The intensity of his glare is unsettling and frustrating.

Sophia’s determined to bide her time until she can gain publication and freedom from the Bishop’s snobbery. However, the longer she cares for Victoria, the more wrapped up in their drama-filled lives she becomes.

Recent college graduate Sophia Ashwood is applying for the position that best friend Miranda is giving up, because she is soon to be married.  Working as the nanny to Victoria gives her the perfect opportunity to work while writing her first novel.

Of course with a boss like Dr. Collin Biship "The Anit-Christ" nothing is to go as planned.  Victoria has no emotional connection to any member of the Bishop family which drew the mother hen of Sophia to protect and love her.

Though I do classify this book as a romance novel it does take a while to get that point.  If the twists and turns had not kept me interested I would have put the book down early on.  I will also admit to this book being more "chic-lit" less romance but I have a really hard time classifying anything that does have romance scenes as "chic-lit". 

Though a couple of times I really did seem to hate the back and forth character thoughts of Sophia she was decently written along with the rest of the characters.  Victoria who plays a huge role in the relationship of Collin Bishop and Sophia Ashwood is another good character, along with her personality which is great from having a hard time with Sophia and the change of schedule at first (can't expect a child to adapt real quick).  And Collin Bishop just makes me want to hit my head into a wall at first, I can not seem to wrap my head around what we learn about him from the prospective of Sophia.

The supporting characters are great, my favorite would have to be Allison, who is very strong while everything is going wrong in her life.  Husband Johnathon is cheating on her.  In order to protect herself she is bitchy but it is great.  Though I so wanted to hate her, I just had to LOVE her and feel sorry for her when she is having her whole world torn apart around her and no one seems to think she can do it on her own, when she knows that she can.

I give this book a rating of:   B-

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