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REVIEW: Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Title: Vampire Kisses
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Source: Library, I support them with late books all the time

The mansion on top of Benson Hill has been empty and boarded up for years. But a new family has moved in. A family that never ventures out during the day. Who are these creepy people -- especially the handsome, dark, and elusive Alexander Sterling? Or rather, what are they? Could the town gossip actually be true? Are they vampires?
Raven, who secretly covets a vampire kiss, both at the risk of her own mortality and Alexander's loving trust, is dying to uncover the truth.
My Review:

Welcome to Dullsville.

Where you are either from the wrong side of the tracks or the right side of the tracks, but Raven Madison is neither, she is the town’s social outcast ever since kindergarten when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and answered...Vampire.  Now at sixteen she is still the social outcast that wishes to be a vampire.

When the Sterling family moves in to the mansion on the hill Raven grows excited as the rumors grow about the family.  With a teenage son who is said to be a vampire from the rumors based on facts such as he hangs out the cemetery late at night and he does not eat garlic Raven has never been so excited.  Now her long time dream can come true she can become the vampire she has always longed to be.  But is it really a Vampire that she is after to be or is just someone who really understands her.

This is the first book in a series of books where we get to meet the town of "Dullsville".  This is a great group of characters, we have ex-hippie parents Sarah and Paul Madison who after having their second child dubbed "Nerd Boy" by Raven have turned into the everyday "Suburban Neighborhood" parents.

There is also Becky that best friend that you have that will do just about anything for you, even if it is something that could possibly be dangerous, because they know when the time comes you will stand up for them.

Lastly there is Trevor who is that All American Guy who has everything, popularity, money and friends.  Then there is this other side of him that because he has it all, that he needs to control everything else.

The characters were great and so was the story line, making me really look forward to getting my hands on some of the other books in the series and since I got this one from our local library I will most likely get the next books in the series from there as well.

Rating: A-

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