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Movie Saturday : Oblivion

This movie stars Tom Cruise as Commander Jack Harper and Andrea Riseborough as Victoria Olsen, and had it not been for the preview showing Morgan Freeman, for the first hour I would have really believed them to be the last two people on Earth.

The first hour is pretty dull, a lot of repetition of either a dream/memory of Jack and the mystery woman played by Olga Kurylenko meeting in New York at the Empire State Building.  Once you figure out who the mystery woman is the movie does pick up and does get interesting.  Be prepared if seeing this in theaters.

This movie has a great "Lost Love" story that Tom Cruise acts out beautifully and keeps you wondering what really happened in the "missing years" since the earth has been empty for at least 50 years but closer to 60 years.  There is a lot of holes in this plot but when you lead character has missing memories it makes for a great fill in the blank.

Overall this movie has a really great story line and plot that makes for a good futuristic aliens rule the Earth move.  But I am not going to say go rush out and see it.

Don't want to take my work for it watch this review.

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