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10 Book Series that I have never started though I do want to read them

I know there is a Top 10 Meme every Tuesday but I can never think of anything for the list when it goes up or I just forget about it on Tuesday.  So I am doing a 10 list whenever I feel like it over any topic from her past and future topics that interest me.

So if you want to view other Top 10 Lists go and visit The Broke and the Bookish they have some great Top 10 list ideas to do if you are interested.

And This is one that caught my interest when I was having a conversation at work with a guy who loves the show Game of Thrones.  Now first I do not have the HBO channel at my house, we do not watch enough TV to get us to pay the cost of getting the channel when we can watch the movies we want to watch on Netflix cheaper.  But I realized there are plenty of series made into movies/TV shows and some that are not that I have never started and I have always had on my TBR list.

10.  Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire Series)

This is one of those series that are blowing up the Internet.  Whether it is the books or the TV Show everyone is interested in it.  Since I do not have HBO I have not had a chance to get interested in the show, but I do want to see what all the hype is about and at least read the first book.

9.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I have seen the first movie in this series and I loved it, but I have this feeling that I will not like the movie after reading the book.  Though I do want to read them, I have yet to do it, I even own the first few.

8.  Sookie Stackhouse

Another series I have never read is the Sookie Stackhouse series that the TV Show True Blood is based on.  Another HBO show that I can not watch for my lack of the channel and partly I do not care as I have seen the first season (I bought it on DVD) and I thought it was  good.  Actually I thought the show had ended as I really do not see anything about it too much but turns out it does still come on the world of HBO is over run by Game of Thrones for me to notice it any more.

7.  Outlander

My cousin's wife said I would enjoy this series (she has read all of them I think from her sisters recommendation) and I do own the first book on my nook but have never actually started it.

6.  Bloodlines

I had read the first book in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy so I think their is a good chance of liking this one.  I even was given the third book in the series from a friend at work but I have never read any of the series.

5.  Uglies

Seen the reviews just never had the time to pick it up (I had even at one time had it checked out from the library but never actually started reading it.)

4.  Lord of the Rings

I see all these people I know who just love these books and I keep thinking there is no way I will love them like that.  I will admit I did love the movies but that was also during my Orlando Bloom days and there is no way a girl will not love a movie that stars him and Elijah Wood.  And yes that was back in High School for me so it was really a good crush where you write all over your folder "I Love Orlando Bloom" or even "Mrs. Orlando Bloom".  Actually I don't think I did that.

3.  Maximum Ride

James Patterson is a great author, I loved The Women's Murder Club but I have the fondness of just solving those mysteries could another series ruin that for me?  But the description has caught my eye and I am interested in reading this series just never got around to doing that.

2.  The Infernal Devices

That is right I have not read this, though I am making plans too.  But wait til you see #1 you may really hate me for not having started it just yet.

1.  The Mortal Instruments

So this is why I never started the Infernal Devices I had not yet read the Mortal Instruments series.  I know they are separate series and don't need to be read in order of release but I am kinda crazy about a few things like that.

So there you go 10 series I have shown interest in reading but never actually started.

Which of these series should I start first? Which is not on here that you would add for yourself?

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