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Work Out: Audio Book Style

OK, so it is not really and audio book, but it does remind me of listening to an audio book.

So I heard about this app from a YouTube video and since I have wanted to buy so I finally gave in and purchased it in August.  This is a story to keep you interested in running/walking (which is what I have started out doing.)

I will admit I have recently gotten into listening to Audio Books but there is something about mixing it up with music (even when not working out) that I seem to have to do. When I am working an overnight at work, I will stop and audio book and listen to some Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and even Taylor Swift to keep it interesting and this app gives you that.

The story line portions are short and sweet then they throw in your own workout music.  There are many of different settings to the app for your work out and you don't even have to be running outside for it to work.  I started this app on a treadmill at a gym just getting into working out every week.


My main and really reason to get interested in this app is I have recently watched The Walking Dead and that show gives me nightmares so I know that I want to be prepared to survive. OK in reality I do not believe in the actual Zombie Apocalypse, but I do believe in something similar to it.  I think there is something that is going to make us need to be prepared.

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